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Solicitations for Goods and Services

FHI 360 posts procurement opportunities for goods and services needed for program work at their US and global field offices. Solicitations are for both commercial goods and services, and for professional services and subject matter experts that are subcontracted under a prime agreement.

Since solicitations are often modified to provide further information or extend solicitation closure dates, suppliers are encouraged to request solicitation notices, by clicking on "Signup for Solicitations" located in the right margin.

Requests for proposals (RFPs)

Program management support on COVID-19/HIV Activities
RFP No.: FY20-102533-061820-001_RFP_02

Issue date: 7 Jul, 2020
Closing date: 15 Jul, 2020

Solicitation file(s):
Program Mgmt Consultant for COVID-19 Work__637280796836643559.docx (248 KB)

Signboards fabrication, installation & refacing services to support community-level SBC message visibility for NAWEZA & SITETEREKI.
RFP No.: RFP 2020/07/01_RFP_02

Issue date: 14 Jul, 2020
Closing date: 24 Jul, 2020

Solicitation file(s):
RFP 20200701-Signboards Fabrication Installation Refacing-Tulonge Afya.pdf (129 KB)

Requests for quotes/Invitations for bids (RFQs)

One (1) Vehicle Purchase for Tunisia Country Office
RFQ No.: FHI360/Ma3an/RRF/001/2020_RFQ_02

Issue date: 6 Jul, 2020
Closing date: 16 Jul, 2020

Solicitation file(s):
RFQ Vehicle Mednine Office.pdf (207 KB)

Request for Quote 2020-01-07 for Auditing Firm (Egypt)
RFQ No.: 2020-01-07_RFQ_03

Issue date: 6 Jul, 2020
Closing date: 17 Jul, 2020

Solicitation file(s):
Request for Quote 2020-01-07 for Auditing Firm (Egypt).docx (61 KB)

Requests for application (RFAs)

RFA: Multisectoral Nutrition Innovation Research Fund in Bangladesh
RFA No.: 102335-2020_RFA_02

Issue date: 1 Jul, 2020
Closing date: 3 Aug, 2020

Solicitation file(s):
RFA_Innovation Research Fund_Bangladesh.pdf (272 KB)
Attachment A - Budget Template.xlsx (45 KB)
Attachment B - Budget Narrative.docx (34 KB)
Attachment C - Biodata.docx (46 KB)

Modification file(s):
RFA_Innovation Reserch Fund_Responses to Questions (116 KB)

FHI 360-K/Afya Nyota- Grant Under Contract/ 72061518C00002
RFA No.: KE-RFA-ANyB-2020-07-00001_RFA_02

Issue date: 9 Jul, 2020
Closing date: 31 Jul, 2020

Solicitation file(s):
Final RFA-Grants Under Contract for AFYA NYOTA YA BONDE 07.09.2020.pdf (152 KB)
Annex A-Program Description Template KP ANyB.docx (32 KB)
Annex B-Grant Recipient Budget Template KP ANyB.xlsx (114 KB)
Annex C-FHI360 Grant Terms and Conditions.pdf (364 KB)
Annex D-USAID Standard Provisions-Non-US Nongovernmental Organizations.pdf (1174 KB)
Annex E-Branding Strategy and Marking Plan.pdf (915 KB)
Annex F Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan.pdf (243 KB)
Annex G-Application Cover Page Template.docx (21 KB)

Requests for Individual Contractor

UX/UI Designer - FHI 360 Design Lab
RFQ No.: 900022-02-0708-01_Individual Contractor_01

Issue date: 9 Jul, 2020
Closing date: 31 Jul, 2020

Solicitation file(s):
DL-consultant-request-for-proposal_UXUIDesigner_revised_MHH.docx (246 KB)