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Consult@FHI360: Consultant Database System

Welcome to Consult@FHI360

Interested in consultancy positions at FHI 360? In addition to responding to specific solicitations, we encourage you to create a profile in our Consult@FHI360 database.

Creating a profile will allow our staff to find you and contact you directly when they have opportunities that match your skills and experience. You must register here to be included in our database, even if you have responded to a specific solicitation or were registered with our consultant database prior to February 2018. To create your profile, go to Create Consultant Profile. Once you have created your profile, you may login and update it at any time. Visit Solicitations for Consultant Services to review and apply to specific solicitations, and visit our Careers page to explore employment opportunities at FHI 360.

Note: Consultants are not FHI 360 employees. Consultants serve as independent contractors and must agree to associated FHI 360 terms and conditions.